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1500SS Control Package Overview

Incorporates all the requirements of OSHA for control reliability and component monitoring. Also includes component and system diagnostics with indicator lights for total press monitoring. Complies with section 1910.217 of the Federal Register and ANSI B11.1-2001.

When foot actuation is used, a method of guarding the point of operation must be provided. Refer to OSHA/ANSI requirements.


- Model 3200SS Control Panel

- Expandable

- Brake Monitor

- Two Hand Anti-Tie Down

- System Control Reliability

- Single Stroke

- Self-diagnostic system

- Self-contained message display for system status diagnostics

- Non-Resumption of interrupted stroke

- Provisions for Auxiliary Equipment

- PSDI Presence Sensing Device Initiation

- Two-Year Warranty

Also Included:


Dual Solenoid

Dual Solenoid Valve No. 303 

The L-G monitor contains a pressure controlled spool in an assembly mounted between the pilot and valve body assemblies.  Pressure signals are applied to each end of the monitor spool.  If these signals differ by more than a built-in design limit, they cause the spool to shift to a latched position.  The spool movement causes the pilots to be exhausted and pilot supply air to be vented to the atmosphere, thus rendering the valve inoperable.  The monitor must be reset by unlatching the spool before another valve cycle can be initiated. 






Operator Station No. UL-501 

Two UltraTouch modules mounted on a NEMA 12 operator station run bar with a red mushroom emergency stop button located in the center and a yellow mushroom top stop button located off center.  This style assembly is ideal for the metal stamping/metal fabrication industry.  All the modules are mounted in accordance with OSHA, ANSI, 

and CSA standards in regards to run button spacing.


Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

Heavy Duty Pressure Switch No. 306

This NEMA 12 oil-tight and dust-tight switch is adjustable from 1 to 115 PSI. 


Filter Regulator Lubricator

Filter Regulator Lubricator No. 311


Rotary Cam Switch

Rotary Cam Switch with Drive Check

No. 310A This NEMA 12 rotary switch provides limit switch functions required by control system. Spring-loaded mounting absorbs shock and will stop the press should the drive chain break. Cams are easily adjusted with tool provided.



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