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Continuous on Demand (Optional)


New Name Old Name New Description Input # Terminal #
DEMAND_KEY Station4 On/Off Must close input to enable option feature (and be in Continuous mode) 8 (J6) 64
PRIOR_ACT Station3 On/Off Must cycle open-close-open before CONT_TRIGGER allowed to close (10 sec time limit) 7 (J6) 59
CONT_TRIGGER (LS4) Palm #3a Closing runs press until opened. Opening causes TOP-STOP if bottom of stroke reached, otherwise dead stop (30 sec time limit when open, otherwise requiring PRIOR_ACT again) 9 (J7) 60

Place Mode selector in “CONTINUOUS” mode.
Turn Continuous-on-demand feature on (DEMAND_KEY closed).
Push PRIOR_ACT button (open-close-open). You now have 10 seconds (timeout length changed upon request) to trigger press with CONT_TRIGGER. If you wait beyond the 10sec, you must push the PRIOR_ACT button again.
If CONT_TRIGGER is closed before the PRIOR_ACT button is pushed, the press will not run and requires you to push the STOP / START buttons to reset.
When the press is running and you release CONT_TRIGGER, the press will finish the stroke if the press had reached the Auto-Return setpoint (~bottom of the stroke)
When you release CONT_TRIGGER you have 30 seconds (timeout length changed upon request) in which to close it again, otherwise you must push the PRIOR_ACT button again.

If you push TOP_STOP button, the press will top stop and will wait until TOP_STOP and CONT_TRIGGER have cleared before CONT_TRIGGER can close again.

The Light Guard Key selector must be ON, and the Guard contact must be Closed to cycle the press.
If the Guard contact opens the press will stop if the press was on the way down, or top stop if the press was on the way up. The press will wait until the Guard contact closes and CONT_TRIGGER opens, before allowing you to recluse the CONT_TRIGGER again.

 Display Definitions:

Status Line Description
CONTINUOUS Standard Continuous mode
CONT ON DMND Continuous on demand mode
PRIOR ACT Prior act button pushed
(lasts max 10 sec)
DMND ACTIVE CONT_TRIGGER closed and press running
(lasts max 30 sec)










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