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LT-1900 Features

           Control reliable design   

           Dual captive contact safety relays 

           Bright red LED display 

           Non-volatile EEPROM memory 

           Flat unobtrusive design 

           Drive failure detection 

           Motion detector 

           Automatic 90º and stop time tester press stop 

           Programming security with keyed selector switch.  

          Very easy to program and to adjust limits 

           System self-diagnostics with display codes 

           External diagnostic display 

           System status indicators (LED's) 

           Solid state indicators - No incandescent bulbs to burn out 

           Designed specifically for the rigorous metal stamping/metal forming industry 

           Interfaces easily with all types of machine controls; solid state or relay logic 

           Installs with ease on OEM, retrofit, or rebuild projects 

           Front panel mount for installation into an existing control panel 

           Made in USA 


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