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LT-1900 Time Based Stopping Performance Monitor Overview

The LT-1900 is a time based stopping performance monitor that utilizes a high resolution linear transducer and controller to measure the machine stopping time in milliseconds and also the SPM of the machine. The linear transducer is attached to the subject machine and is driven on a 1:1 linear  

ratio by the machine. The stopping time of the machine will be displayed on every stop and can be easily read on the bright red light emitting diode (LED) display on the front panel of the unit. The SPM of the machine will be displayed during the machine cycle. 

Individual LED indicators are visible and easily define the existing status of the unit during the machine cycle (shown above). All system programming and diagnostics are front panel mounted and controlled which will minimize downtime while enhancing operator safety and machine maintenance. All operating mode selections are supervisory controlled by a keyed selector switch which meets all OSHA and ANSI standards for mode selection supervisory control. 

To program the Warning Time and the Limit Time setpoints, the user inserts the programming key into the lock and turns to the desired position (status LED illuminates). By depressing the +/- buttons to the desired time setting and turning the key back to the Run position, the new warning/failure time setpoints are saved. All errors and time value setpoints are permanently stored in the EEPROM memory which does not require a battery backup. The user cannot change or reprogram the Warning or Limit setpoints while the machine is in motion, which is an additional safety feature. 

The dual force-guided captive contact safety output relays of the LT-1900 are always de-energized when the programming key is not in the Run position. When the key is in the Run position, the safety output relays are always energized as long as there are no internal or external faults detected. When a fault is detected, it is recorded within the system in non-volatile memory along with the last stopping time. If the power to the LT-1900 Monitor System is removed and reapplied, the last error to occur will come back up and prevent any further use until the programming key is used. Only the key turned to the reset position can clear a fault. If no fault occurred but the programming key is moved into the reset position, the output relays will de-energize as a safety feature. Motion detection will still be monitored while in the Reset position even if the linear transducer has motion.  



OSHA/ANSI Compliance 

The LT-1900 system complies with OSHA code 29 CFR 1910.217 and ANSI Codes B11.3-2012 and  B11.2-2013 for monitoring and control reliability standards. The unit will automatically prevent the activation of a successive stroke if the stopping time deteriorates beyond the brake limit setpoint. Required on any press that has a single stroke mode and uses either a two-hand control, light curtain or type B gate system.  


Non-volatile EEPROM Memory 

All diagnostic faults and setpoints are permanently saved in non-volatile memory which does not require battery backup. Information is retained indefinitely after a power loss or machine shutdown. 


Advanced Design 

The advanced circuitry and user friendly design on the LT-1900 allows both programming and status monitoring to be performed from the front of the compact panel. There is no need to enter the control panel to adjust switches or thumbwheels which will enhance both safety and productivity.  

System Self Diagnostics 

Control displays status and system fault codes are on the LED display. A detailed definition, cause, and cure listing is supplied within each installation and operation manual.

Predictive Maintenance Diagnostic Tool 

The unique "warning" feature on the LT-1900 allows for predictive maintenance to be scheduled on the machine, which will minimize downtime. Factors which will be monitored and affect stopping time: machine cycle speed, counter-balance air supply, tooling weight, clutch air supply, exhaust restrictions, wear adjustment. 


Stop Time Measurement Built-In 

The built-in stop feature initiates a stop signal in the downstroke. This is required information when calculating the location of point of operation guarding systems or palm button assemblies.  


Complete Package Supplied 

Everything you need to install and operate the LT-1900 is supplied. 

• LT-1900 Controller 

• Linear Transducer and Brackets 

• Magnet 

• 40' (12m) of transducer cable 

• Dimensional and technical data 

• Installation and operation manual 


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