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Model 3200SS Control System Overview

The Model 3200SS (Solid State) control system is completely pre-wired and ready for installation. System supplied complete with a well marked terminal strip for easy, safe and accurate electrical interface to the various punch press components.

Due to the hybrid design characteristics of the 3200SS, a main power disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters can be supplied in the same control panel.

Customer to specify operator control location (photo below displays operator controls on panel door).

3200 SS Descriptions


NEMA 12 Enclosure

System Start
Guarded Push Button
(Air and Power Interlock)

System Stop
Unguarded Push Button

System On
Indicator Light

Message Display
Plain English messages for status and system self-diagnostics

Interrupted Stroke Provision with Indicator

+ Explanation

Automatic Continuous Set Up Push Button
This prior action push button must be operated to set-up the press for continuous operation. Once depressed, the operator has a preset length of time in which to depress both palm buttons concurrently to initiate operation in the continuous mode.

Brake Monitor--Top Stop Indicator
Oil tight indicator light to detect top stop overrun, this light is tied into the rotary cam to provide an electro-mechanical brake monitoring system. Time-based brake monitoring optional.

Ground Fault Detector
Oil tight push to test type wired to continuously monitor press grounding whenever control power is on.

Continuous Arm Timer Fused Secondary Pressure Clamp Terminals

Hand/Foot Mode
2 Position Keyed Selector for Hand or Foot Mode Initiation

To reduce voltage from 480/240V to 120 Vac secondary. Consult factory for 208 or 550 volt system.

Keyed Mode Selector Off-Inch-Single Continuous
4 position keyed lock selector switch for supervised selection of mode of operation of the press. When in the inch mode the operator cannot hold or tie one run button down and use the other button to inch the press with one hand operation. Both buttons must be depressed concurrently. Micro-Inching and Automatic External Trip optional.

LED Diagnostics
Punch Press Components and System Diagnostics with LED Indicator Lights, on printed circuit boards for all inputs and outputs.


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