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PressCam 8 Die Protection 

The Die Protection Screen shown is what your programmer will see when entering the die protection program. PressCam 8 provides sixteen (16) different die protection sensor inputs that may be programmed for both cyclic and static function monitoring.

Cyclic function monitoring requires that an input sensor signal occur within a certain programmed shaft angle on each press cycle (e.g., part-eject, part transfer).

Static monitoring is used for non-cyclic events such as end of material or stock buckle monitoring.

Circle Degree

A fault output will occur if an input transition is not detected between the programmed limit set points (e.g., a part is to be ejected out of the die between 190º and 250º of the machine cycle). If the part is not detected within these parameters, a fault or stop signal is given to stop the machine.

To program, simply turn to “die-sensor set-up” and depress the programming knob. Now you are in the die protection program. Then put in the parameters in degrees when you would want to look for the part to eject or transfer. From 190º to 250º is when the sensor will be looking for the part. That is all there is to programming die protection. If a fault output occurs, simply view the screen and determine from what sensor the fault occurred.

The die protection program can be fine tuned while the machine is in motion along with related peripheral signals such as feeds, lubrication, blowoffs, etc. This is an excellent method of increasing the machines’ efficiency.

Die Protection Screen




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