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PressCam 8 Junior Features

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display - four lines/20 characters (alphanumeric English/Spanish/French)
  • All six Limit Switch Outputs can be set to cycle (non-timed) two times per crank rotation by setting an open/close crank angle.
  • The last three outputs can be set for timed, non-timed, delayed, and hold or cycled two times per crank revolution.
  • Major faults such as E-Stop, motion, brake, and sensor faults are handled by two force-guided relays (Form B Safety relays).
  • The six outputs are small, high-speed, high-capacity relays.
  • Brake and die sensor inputs are optically coupled and can be either AC or DC (sourcing or sinking).
  • Up to 99 Jobs can be saved using a nonvolatile memory chip. The memory chip is removable for ease of transfer. Each Job Number stores a name and/or number up to 7 characters for easy identification.
  • Built-in Brake Monitor will issue a warning when the programmed warning time is exceeded and will issue a failure signal when programmed stop time is exceeded.
  • True Motion Detection system checks for lack of motion (Motion Fault) and unintended motion (Drift Fault).
  • SPM Indicator (Strokes per Minute).
  • Crank angle shown graphically and in large numbers.
  • Speed compensation of user selected outputs.
  • Servo feed interface.
  • Stroke, Batch, Quality, and Part Counters to keep track of operation.
  • Password and/or Supervisory Controlled Selector Switch to prevent altering of parameters, except for the counters.
  • PCLink to allow offline job creation and storage.
  • Built-in 90° and 270° stop time tester. 
  • Safety relay controller built-in

Junior Overlay


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