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PressCam 8 Junior Overview

The PressCam 8 Junior is a resolver-based press automation controller that incorporates a programmable cam limit switch, timed-based brake monitor, servo feed control, four counters, and a die protection system The PressCam 8 Junior is controlled by a 16-bit computer that constantly checks the resolver for accuracy.

The PressCam 8 Junior has a keypad, menu, cursor buttons (for easy navigation and operation), and a four line (20 characters each line) vacuum fluorescent display for easy viewing purposes.

A “RUN/PROG” key switch is also provided where, while in the “RUN” mode, you are not able to alter any parameter or job change. The “RUN” mode only allows the user to clear counters and reset die sensor faults. In the PROG mode, the Die Faults do not open up the fault relays allowing die setups. All other faults will cause the fault relays to open. If the password feature is enabled, you must first enter in the three digit password in order to pass into the PROG mode to allow parameter changes.

Industrial Grade Brushless Resolver Transducer
The heavy duty brushless resolver transducer replaces the current mechanical rotary cam switch. This unit was designed for hostile industrial environments such as press punch mechanical shock and vibration, extreme temperature and humidity, oil, coolant, and lubrication mists. The resolver transducer features excellent repeatability and gives absolute shaft position feedback. High speed operation along with long transducer cable (runs up to 600 feet/183m) give the resolver a wide application ranges. The resolver is a passive device which contains no sensitive electronics and has superb noise immunity.


The resolver mounts easily to an end of a crankshaft and can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Simple connector ended transducer cabling is supplied to connect the resolver to the PressCam 8 Junior controller console. The PressCam 8 Junior’s microprocessor-based control constantly monitors the resolver position and displays both the angular position of the shaft and speed of the machine (tachometer).


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