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PressCam 8 Programmable Limit Switch

Limit switch programming simplicity is a PressCam 8 feature. The PressCam 8 crank angle position is generated by a heavy duty industrial resolver driven by the press crank shaft.

The PressCam 8 provides the user with eleven programmable limit switch outputs used to initiate various peripheral equipment. These outputs can be programmed to turn on and off up to three times per press cycle.

The programmable limit switch outputs may be mechanical relay, solid state AC, or solid state DC. The solid state relays may be mixed on the same relay board.

The delay and hold cycle feature provides control for lubrication systems, scrap choppers, etc. This provides you signals when you need events to occur on a pre-programmed intermittent (time) or multiple stroke basis.

Limit switches 1 – 7 can be programmed to turn ON and OFF up to three times per press cycle. Limit switches 8 – 11 can be programmed to turn ON and OFF up to two times per press cycle or may be programmed to turn ON based on angle and OFF based on time. The timed outputs can be programmed from .001 to 10 seconds. Furthermore, these switches may be used with the delay and hold cycle feature which provides control for items that need not be initiated on every press cycle but a programmed number of press cycles. Or they can be held ON for a pre-programmed number of press cycles.

A minimum and maximum speed limits setting can be used to monitor optimum running speed versus actual. A deviation outside the programmed parameters will initiate a stop signal.

The system includes a true motion detection system that monitors the press cycle. If you tell the press cycle and it fails to move within the pre-programmed time (.001 to 4 seconds) a fault signal is issued. On the opposite side, if the press starts to cycle without initiation, a fault signal is issued to electrically disconnect all signals.

The clutch/brake timing signals can also be password protected from inadvertent tampering by unauthorized personnel.

Programmable Limit Switch



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