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PressCam 8 Tonnage Screen

The Tonnage Load Monitoring (TLM) I/O load module is designed for critical force measurement applications where accuracy, extreme stability, and dependable noise rejection is essential.  The module is a load measurement device without a display or alarms.  The TLM is used as an input device to the PressCam 8 providing display and alarm control functions.

The TLM has high sensitivity levels that work well in an electrically "noisy" environment.  It has two amplifier gain ranges (span ranges).  Therefore, it can accept either weak or strong signals from the load sensor. Visit our Tonnage Glossary below for detailed more information on tonnage features and terms. 

+ Tonnage Glossary

Tonnage Screen

Tonnage Features

  • Signal conditioning module for strain gauge sensors and load cells
  • Four independent channels for accommodating up to eight sensors
  • For use with full-bridge sensors from 120 Ohms to 1,000 Ohms
  • Plug-in connectors are used for the sensor inputs
  • High/low sensitivity span ranges selected with front panel switch
  • Automatic zero balance circuits assure accurate measurements
  • Power input/output are plug-in connectors
  • Built-in automatic peak load memory circuits
  • Peak measurements are made with an external trigger device
  • Built-in power supply for stable operation and noise rejection
  • Compact size to fit almost any location
  • Steel enclosure for maximum protection and noise rejection


Transducers  Full Bridge, 120 Ohms to 1,000 Ohms.  One to four channel version available.  Maximum of two 350 Ohms sensors per channel.

Dimensions  2" (51mm) x3.1" (79mm) x 8.95" (227mm)

Balance Range  +/- mV/V of offset 

Gain - Two Ranges  
Low=100 to 1,100 adjustable
High=1,000 to 11,000 adjustable

Output Range  Approximately +/- 10VDC at 12VDC excitation

Circuit Accuracy  Maximum inaccuracy of +/- 1% of full scale

Circuit Linearity  Maximum non-linearity +/- .1% of full scale

Auto Zero Time Constant  10 seconds

Frequency Response  Flat DC to 1KHz

Peak Decay  Less than 1% of full scale in 10 minutes

Calibration Shunts  1 Meg Ohm, .1%

Input Power
100 to 130 VAC 50-60 Hz.  Fused at .10 Amp.
200 to 260VAC 50-60 Hz.  Fused at .05 Amp.
Input is jumper selectable.  Fuses are 5mm x 20mm SLO-BLO.

Sensor Excitation  Internally excited at +12VDC, .30 Amps maximum

Sensor Input Connections  Four pin .2" (5mm) centers Phoenix connector

Peak Output Connections  Six pin.2" (5mm) centers Phoenix connector

Proximity Probe  12VDC internally supplied to drive NPN or PNP probes, 50mA max.  Input also supports dry relay contacts.


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