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PressCam 8 Features

  • “Control Reliable” design, utilizing two 16-bit computers, provides ultimate pressroom safety in automation. 
  • Operator “full view” of system status means no getting lost during programming.  
  • PressCam’s two 16-bit computers are configured to cross check each other and the resolver.  
  • All safety function faults utilize three (3) monitored captive contact safety relays for the outputs related to motion detection, brake monitoring, and system self-checking (Form B safety).  
  • Non-volatile job memory of 100 stored programs recalled by job or die number for all system functions.  
  • Eleven programmable limit switch outputs with multiple
    ON/OFFs per press cycle.
  • Outputs can be solid state (AC or DC) or mechanical relays.  
  • 16 Station Die Protection System  
  • Supervisory controlled run/program key switch with password protection.  
  • Built-in time-based brake monitor can issue warnings or a stop command when actual stopping time exceeds programmed set points.  
  • Built-in motion detection fault output should the press not start moving within the timed set point after the brake signal is given.  
  • Built-in drift detection fault output if the press moves when it should not. 
  • Built-in 90º and 270º stop time tester.  
  • PressCam cloning feature allows multiple PressCam units to link via RS-232 for job copying.  
  • Contrast adjustment of the LCD computer screen.  
  • Automatic offset programming.  
  • Built-in press tachometer (SPM). 
  • Optically isolated AC and/or DC inputs (sourcing or sinking). 
  • Parts counter which can be programmed from 1 - 4 parts per press cycle for multiple out dies.  
  • Large 8” (201mm) diagonal computer screen (LCD).  
  • Unique digital programming knob acts like a PC mouse and eliminates keypad programming.  
  • The “control reliable” PressCam 8 can be used to supply the timing signals for the clutch/brake press control.  
  • Complete system diagnostics with plain English fault messages on the operator screen enhances productivity (Spanish/French languages available).  
  • PressCam 8 programs can be field upgraded or customized using a PC computer with a standard serial port.  
  • Four programmable timed limit switch outputs that can be position based or timed from 0 to 9999 milliseconds.  
  • Five Counters: Strokes, Parts, Batch Counter, Batch Size, and Quality Counters.  
  • Built-in power supply for input sensors (+12VDC).  
  • Built-in servo feed interface.  
  • Crank shaft angle displayed in degrees with a graphic shaft angle clock. 
  • Utilizes surface mount technology.  
  • Job memory chips are socketed for easy transfer to other units if desired.
  • Programmable upper and lower speed limits with captive contact safety relay output (Form B safety).  
  • Variable speed compensation.  
  • Punch press clutch/brake timing signals protected from tampering.  
  • Peak tonnage monitoring 1 to 4 channels (optional).  
  • Compact in size.  
  • Safety relay controller built-in 


Optional Ethernet Remote Display/Logging Program Available.


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