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PressCam 8 Overview

PressCam 8 is a “control reliable” resolver based programmable cam switch, time-based brake monitor, die protection system, multiple counters, and much more in one package. The system contains two 16-bit
computers that are configured to cross check each other and the resolver. The dual computers are interfaced with a full view 8" (203mm) diagonal LCD computer screen for viewing and programming ease. This large operator screen (shown on the next page) supplies operators and front line supervisors production data without the need of cumbersome menu and program access codes.


 PressCam 8

All system faults generate descriptive plain English error messages on the computer screen. This provides floor personnel fast and reliable information related to the machine stoppage. The system is also provided with special watchdogs that turn off fault outputs should either computer become erratic. The software and system customization in both computers can be upgraded in the field using a PC computer with a standard serial port.

Programming PressCam 8 is so easy that you do not need a keypad, keyboard, or cumbersome programming techniques as required with competitive units.

Operator Screen
A large 8" (203mm) diagonal LCD computer screen is standard equipment on the PressCam 8. This single component brings the intelligence of the dual computer system to the punch press control panel. This in turn provides positive system status interaction with the machine operator.

The screen brightness (contrast) is also adjustable so it can be easily read even when installed in dark areas.

Digital Programming Knob
This innovative device replaces keypads or keyboards for programming PressCam 8. The programming knob works similar to a computer mouse. Simply turn the knob to the highlighted field or program you desire then push. Your program is accessed with no keystrokes. By turning the knob, the appropriate numbers or letters appear on the highlighted screen to program the specific function you desire. Push again, your programming is completed! Additionally, no information can be programmed if it is not applicable to the specific function or operation.



 Resolver Transducer

Industrial Grade Brushless Resolver Transducer
A heavy duty brushless resolver transducer replaces the current mechanical rotary cam switch. This unit was designed for hostile industrial environments such as press punch mechanical shock and vibration, extreme temperature and humidity, oil, coolant and lubrication mists. The TR-20 features excellent repeatability and gives absolute shaft position feedback. High speed operation along with long transducer cable runs (up to 600 feet/183m) give the TR-20 wide application ranges. The resolver is a passive device which contains no sensitive electronics and has superb noise immunity.

The resolver mounts easily to an end of a crankshaft and can rotate CW or CCW. Simple connector ended transducer cabling is supplied to connect the resolver to the PressCam controller console. The PressCam’s microprocessor based control constantly monitors the resolver position and displays both the angular position of the shaft and speed of the machine (tachometer).


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