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PressCam 8 Programming Screen

Shown below is a sample of the screen and information available to the press operator on the PressCam 8 Programming Screen. No longer is it necessary to scroll through various menus and programming techniques to access data. The Programming Screen also provides an active “tool bar” for your press set-up personnel to quickly access the specific function they so desire. As one can see, a tremendous amount of production data can be obtained by simply viewing this single operator screen.

System simplicity is a dominant feature of the PressCam 8. By viewing the above screen, information can be obtained for four different counters, reset all faults, adjustment for screen contrast, die protection information, programmable limit switch information, shaft angle displayed in degrees, stroke per minute (SPM), and brake monitoring information.

Additionally, system fault messages are displayed in the area above the brake monitor setpoint section on the Operator Screen when they occur.

PressCam 8 Screen



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