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Presscommander Touchscreen


The 10.1" color touchscreen (Part #39-151) option replaces the standard PressCommander alpha-numeric four line by twenty character display (shown above right) of the resolver based PressCommander Press Control.


The color touchscreen provides full programming capability for the PressCommander operational features such as timers, counters, die protection, tonnage monitoring (peak or signature), PLS (programmable limit switches) and Downtime Production Monitoring. Standard features and function listing can be found below. The color touchscreen features also incorporate a Windows Operating Systems and 32 GB of memory.


The optional PressCommander Touchscreen provides simple connectivity with the built-in wireless Windows operating system. This will provide the operator and front line supervisor with the press operational status information. This can also provide automatic population of press data into Excel spreadsheet formats if desired via log files for the machine’s production status and Downtime reasons.


Below will illustrate the functional layout of the various pre-programmed (yet customizable) screens. This will provide the user with a simple format for accessing the various built-in features for enhancing machine utilization and ease of operation from the production machine.


Operator Screen


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The Operator Screen displays the pertinent press information for the job that is running on the press. Also shown is the Production/Downtime section, which updates automatically in real time the production and downtime status of the press. This management tool is calculated automatically and produces the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the press. Excellent information for the press operator and front line supervisor which is calculated on the production floor "at the machine" and easily transmitted to the production office where the information is stored and data is shared globally by all team members, if desired by the management team.


Die Protection/PLS Screen

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Programmable Outputs (PLS) and 6 Programmable Inputs (Die Protection) supplied standard.

Optional: Expander Board #52-279 adds additional 6 Die inputs and 6 Dry relay contact outputs (At time of order) - Increases the PressCommander die protection from six (6) to twelve (12) station die protection. Also increases the PressCommander programmable limit switch capacity from six (6) to twelve (12) programmable limit switches with mechanical relay (dry) outputs.

Expander power supply board #52-280 (At time of order) - Power Supply Board that stacks under the PressCommander Expander Board
(52-279) and is required to power the Expander Board functions.
Request Both Part Numbers (52-279 and 52-280) at time of order if expansion is desired.


Servo Control/Tonnage Monitoring Screen 

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Displayed is the Servo Control. Optional 2 or 4 channel Peak Tonnage Monitoring or Signature Analysis shown above.

All data can be recorded into log files.


Press Set-up Screen

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 Fault Message Screen

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Fault monitoring messages can be recorded into Excel spreadsheet files automatically.

 Downtime and Production Monitoring Screen

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The operator can manually select a Reason which is automatically entered into the LOG file.
The Reason is declared over when the Press RUNS or the Downtime Over button is selected (and is logged).

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During operation the user can add and edit 24 Reason Codes (up to 30 characters in length).
The reasons are stored on the users computer in a log file. System is capable of manual or automatic machine input of downtime reason(s). Downtime codes can be recorded automatically into Excel spreadsheets, Pareto charts or Pivot tables.





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