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SSM-08 Overview

The redundant clutch/brake punch press control module with a remote panel mount message display (available in English or Spanish). Please see the indepth design criteria and system description writing. Complies with section 1910.217 of the Federal Register and ANSI B11.1-2009. Also included are all of the switches, legend plates, push buttons, and indicator lights for easy mounting into your existing control.

Part #SSM-08 includes:

• Master Board

• Slave Board

• Power Supply Board

• Diagnostic Message Display

• Connecting Cables

• Cover/Hardware

• Software (Master) microprocessor

• Software (Slave) microprocessor


Push buttons & legend plates for:

• System start

• System stop

• Automatic continuous set-up


Indicators & legend plates for:

• System on

• Ground fault

• Brake monitor

• Interrupted stroke provision





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