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The Ultimate Overview

The Ultimate is the most feature intensive air clutch punch press control available. The control conforms to all current OSHA and ANSI standards for control reliability and component monitoring. System incorporates the PressCam 8 for complete punch press synchronization and flexibility for all peripheral punch press signaling needs such as feeds, die protection, lubrication, blow-offs, etc. All of the electrical timing adjustments for the complete press operation are done at the floor level by the operator. The PressCam 8 system also has a large job memory of 100. This gives the control the ability to remember 100 complete different jobs or die set-ups at the press. The memory concept at the press is an excellent feature due to the tremendous time saved during set-ups of various operations. Additional time is saved by being able to adjust or "fine tune" the stamping process while the press is running, which is an aid in maximizing press utilization.


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