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The Ultimate Standard Features

• Control Panel 3200 conforms to all current OSHA and ANSI standards.

• Eleven cam programmable limit switch.

• Dual redundant outputs for all faults such as brake monitor, motion detector, etc.

• Built-in motion detector with fast response and dual speed limits.

• Brake Monitor - Time-based brake monitor with a digital display of both the brake stopping time and the brake fault limit setpoints in milliseconds. System also displays a brake fault when stopping times are exceeded.

• Refer PressCam 8 for specifics

• Built-in tachometer (SPM) and crank shaft angle in degrees with simultaneous digital display.

• Four built-in counters: stroke, batch, quality, and part.

• Built-in timers, adjustable from 1 ms to 10 seconds.

• Sixteen station die protection system (self-contained cyclic functions and two static functions) built-in with separate timing windows for each station based on the absolute position of the crankshaft. All the die protection timing windows are retained in the memory until the next time a particular die is set-up and run. Die protection timing windows can also be adjusted while the press is in motion.

• All the functions of the system that are timed or signaled through the PressCam 8 system can be retained in memory for 100 different die set-ups.

• All the operator timing adjustments are done at the floor level which eliminates the need for electricians to adjust rotary cam switches and microswitches.

• System self-diagnostics.

• Program security from tampering:

1. Keyed selector switch for supervisory control

2. Authorized code for program entry

• Accuracy ± 1° for all timing circuits and can be “fine tuned” while the press is cycling.

• Eases the timing of all types of feeding equipment, AC and DC servo feeds, and air feeds.

• Very easy to program and use.

• System designed specifically for the metal stamping/metal forming industry.

• Main power disconnect and magnetic motor starters can be housed in the same control panel.

 Built-in 90º and 270º stop time tester.

• Tonnage monitoring optional.


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