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underdrive press: any press with the drive located within or under the bed, and with the connections within or alongside the uprights.

unintended actuation: an inadvertent stroke of the press, not initiated by an intentional or unintentional act of an individual.

uprights: the side members on a straight side press.

usable energy curve: a graphical representation to show usable flywheel energy as related to the point in the stroke where the work begins.

usable flywheel energy: the energy made available to do press work during the permissible slowdown of the flywheel. NOTE: The permissible slowdown for which the flywheel is designed is dependent on the characteristics of the drive motor.

walking beam: a transfer feed that is capable of lift motion and transfer motion. Reference: crossbar transfer feed; transfer feed; tri-axis transfer feed.

wedge (1): a type of slide adjustment installed at each die station on transfer presses to enable individual adjustment of die height at each station.

wedge (2): a means of press shutheight adjustment provided on knuckle joint presses.

wedges: tapered hardwood blocks used with a safety block.

workpiece: any material or part to be placed into the dies for the purpose of having work performed on it.

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